27 Pregnancy foods you should avoid like plague!

27 Pregnancy foods you should avoid like plague!

First and foremost, let me take this grand opportunity to congratulate all new moms-to-be because this is the best thing that will ever happen in your life. I know you must be anxious and maybe even worried on what you should or not do during this waiting period. So don’t you worry, everything is a step at a time. Here you will learn what you need to avoid for a healthy pregnancy. Here is a list of pregnancy foods you should avoid:

 These are great! I love it that I DO NOT need to worry about what I eat anymore that will harm me and my baby.


1. Sugary Foods

Keep away from sugary foods

Image via Genius Pregnancy

Who doesn’t want to satisfy their sweet tooth once in a while? I know that’s not me. In pregnancy you will fancy sweets much, find out why you shouldn’t.


2. Coffee


Image via The Absolute Parent

We all need that morning cup of coffee to jump start our day but once you start feeding for two you have to remove it from your diet. Learn more…


3. Dough

Cookie dough

Image via Women’s Health

Pregnancy is interesting as it either dulls you or keeps you active. If you are the active type and prefer baking, then this goes to you. We all know how irresistible raw cookie dough or cake mix is to lick, but when expectant just refrain from this. Click here to learn why.


4. Soft Cheese

soft cheeze

Image via The Period Blog

Cheese is healthy and makes food tasty. It is good for dips to go along with your tacos but when it comes to soft cheese, you will have to eliminate it from your diet whether in your first or last trimester. Find out why…


5. Unpasteurized Milk

Unpasteurized milk

Image via Kris Carr

I love to drink milk or take it with cereals and cookies. Although milk is rich in nutrients, if unpasteurized, it may not be safe for you and your baby. Learn about bacteria present in unpasteurized milk.


6. Deli Meat

Deli meats

Image via The Absolute Parent

Mmmh…what a delicious snack to have when you don’t feel like cooking! Deli meat is awesome since it is a quick fix. Once you are expectant unfortunately deli meat becomes a no go zone. Find out why.


7. Raw Shell Fish

Raw shell fish

Image via American Pregnancy

Under-cooked or raw shellfish such as mussels, oysters and clams are not safe when feeding for two. What if you can’t resist this exotic taste? Learn more on how to make it safe or alternative options you may explore.


8. Herbal Tea

Hot mint tea in glass cup on wooden background, selective focus
Image via Koala Bubs

I know, I know. I was shocked as well. We all thought there’s nothing as healthy as herbal tea, right? Doctors keep on surprising us and have listed it not to be safe for mummies-to-be. Find out what types to avoid and other safer options.


9. Nutty Nuts


Image via Mom Junction

Do you have a spot for nuts? If you are not allergic to nuts then you can have it whenever you want, but if you normally react to nuts, it is better to stay away from it especially during pregnancy. Read more on nuts.


10. Raw Sprouts

Raw sprouts

Image via Med India

Raw vegetable sprouts are loaded with nutrients and are beneficial for your bowels. However, the infections that you are exposed to when you consume them raw are too many.


11. Raw Eggs

Raw eggs

Image via Pregnant Chicken

I don’t know about you guys but raw or under-cooked eggs are not my favorite. Whether you use raw eggs for your home made mayo or any other salad dressing, it is not good for you and the baby. Find out more…


12. Tiramisu


Image via WebMd

Too bad, just when I had learnt to make it right! If you are a newbie to this delicacy, you may be wondering why? the reason is because it contains raw eggs. Find out more reasons for avoiding tiramisu.


13. Sushi


Image via The Bump

Is this the end of Japanese take outs? Not really, you can try out other options when feeding for two. Keeping check of what you eat is important because a healthy mummy equals a healthy baby!


14. Smoked Seafood

smoked sea food

Image via WebMd

Like most ready-to-eat meats, smoked sea food can cause infections which is not only harmful to you but your baby as well. Explore ways you can use smoked sea food and alternatives that are safer.


15. Fresh Unpasteurized Juice

Unpasteurized Juice

Image via The Absolute Parent

I totally love fresh juice. It is more nutritious than the processed ones we get at the store. If you prepare it yourself, chances are you will observe proper hygiene unlike buying it on the streets. Learn the risks of buying fresh juice from a vendor.


16. Fish With Mercury

fish with mercury

Image via American Pregnancy

How will you possibly know mercury polluted fish? These include most big fish such as sword fish, tile fish, king mackerel and sharks. Cheer up as you still get to have the smaller fish. Learn more on the dangers posed by consuming fish with mercury.


17. Unwashed Fruits and Veggies

unwashed fruits

Image via Nutrition Expert

This goes to everyone; always wash your fruits thoroughly before consuming. For pregnant ladies, extra care is required since you are more prone to infections than others. There’s always more…


18. Restaurant Salads

restaurant salads

Image via Chevy Detroit

Doesn’t this look delicious? Salads are healthy and can serve as a low cholesterol snack to help you shift from too much carbs. Although we want everything ready-made from restaurants, salads should never appear on that list, here’s why.


19. Junk Food

junk foods

Image via 9Jastreet

Thinking about junk food already gives me that crazy crave. It takes lots of self-restraint to pass that food joint you like very much without going inside to grab a snack. During pregnancy you just have to cut down on fast foods.


20. Canned Foods

canned foods

Image via The Absolute Parent

Do Doctors have something against ready-made foods? Beats me, I feel that almost all prepared foods have been shortlisted here. Find out why canned foods are also culprits in this list.


21. Street Foods

Street foods

Image via Babble

Quick fixes in pregnancy are just taboo. Once in a while you tend to crave for spicy and sour foods which only the streets can provide but for safety purposes, just kiss take-outs goodbye. Not convinced? Read more…


22. Fatty Foods

Fatty foods

Image via Medical Daily

There’s no better example of fatty foods that beats fries. Fry lovers have to look for a healthier snack this time round. Why avoid fries?


23. Pate


Image via The Sun

Pate or meat spread like other ready-to-eat meats is a source of infection. Learn more on why this simple food is not suitable when eating for two.

24. Alcohol


Image via News Hub

I know what you are thinking…what took me so long with this one, right? I was saving it as one of the last to ensure you remember it even after going through this long list. Be on toes with reasons why you should avoid alcohol during pregnancy.


25. Licorice


Image via Go Ask Mum

Who doesn’t love licorice? Whether you like it bitter, sweet, sour or salty, these mouth candies offer you variety. However, recent studies suggest that licorice isn’t safe for mummies-to-be. Read more…


26. Papaya


Image via WeetNow

If you are a papaya lover this is sad news because you will have to wait way after delivery to eat it. Find out why…


27. Leftovers

pregnancy foods you should avoid

Image via BBC

In this era of reusing and recycling we are all accustomed to not letting food go to waste. It is almost second to nature to refrigerate that remaining turkey dinner, pasta or rice. Leftover food can attract bacteria.


With this list, all I wanted is for moms and babies to be safe. So if you liked this compilation or want to share more information send us your feedback. Don’t hold back, keep those comments coming!

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