12 Herbs For Lactation Induction That Actually Work

12 Herbs For Lactation Induction That Actually Work

Having milk supply issues? Do not fret, it is normal because with a little boosting your milk supply can be jump started. Apart from lactation cookies, there are magical herbs which are well known galactagogues. So, here we explain 12 of these powerful herbs for lactation induction that every troubled mom should be on the lookout for.



Herbs to Help Breast Milk Production


1. Fennel

herbs to help breast milk production

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Fennel or saunf are ancient herbs used for its many uses. With its estrogen mimicking power, these seeds boost milk supply and guess what- it is also good for colic baby. Why not grab it already? You can either use it as a vegetable or tea depending on your preference. Try fennel today!



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2. Moringa

herbs for lactation induction

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As for this herb, I always thought moringa is only an English name. Funny enough, I uncovered that it is also known as drumstick or horseradish tree, this is news for those of those who didn’t know too. It is an effective lactation booster which is even backed up by science! Moringa is safe to use and it induces the production of prolactin.




3. Blessed Thistle

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We can call it a blessed herb as well. I mean, what a blessing it would be to get a herb that can increase your milk supply, don’t you think? From the very many benefits of blessed thistle, you stand a chance to stay in a good mood, stay away from indigestion, experience a great appetite and well…have enough milk for your little champ! You may want to use it in combination with other herbs for extra boost.




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4. Stinging Nettle

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Have you ever touched a stinging nettle with bare hands? If you have my apologies and if you haven’t, don’t even think about it. Just by the name you get to understand that these guys are not touch friendly. They however have the ability to set your milk production on a whole new level because they are galactagogues.




5. Milk Thistle

how to induce lactation without pregnancy or drugs

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While milk thistle and blessed thistle share a surname these two are not one and the same yet both are effective at inducing lactation. When using milk thistle, you can only use it as tea since the seeds are the effective parts. As a nursing mom, always confirm with your doctor, you don’t want anything going wrong. Learn more…





6. Fenugreek

herbs for lactation induction

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Fenugreek is not just on the old wives tales list it is also scientifically proven to be capable of inducing milk production. There are a number of ways you can use fenugreek as your nursing aid. If you are willing to chew on the seeds just know they are not that pleasant but if you cannot stand that, using it in powder, capsule or as tea are better options. Not to forget, you can also consume it as a vegetable which is even healthier!




7. Alfalfa

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Sprouts are considered very healthy and if you are a breastfeeding mom with low milk supply, it could be exactly what you are looking for. Alfalfa, to be precise is quite effective. As with any diet change while breastfeeding, always consult with your lactation consultant. If she gives a go ahead then devour every bit of it.




8. Shatavari

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Sounds so exotic, right? But when identified to be from the asparagus family, we get to relate a little. Don’t get me wrong though, it is not the stem and bulb plant we get from the store, for this one the roots are the useful part. This herb has been used for as long as history itself to support female reproductive health. Since it promotes prolactin production, we can comfortably agree that it is a galactagogue for sure.




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9. Anise

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This herb is commonly used as a spice and along with its endless list of benefits it can help increase your milk supply. With its anethole properties it is able to boost the production of milk. Before embarking on anise tea as a remedy, do consult your doctor. More on anise tea nutrition facts here…




10. Ajwain

herbs to help breast milk production

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Also known as carom seed water, is another working galactagogue which has worked for many breastfeeding moms. The good thing with this herb is that it also relieves back pain, no back pain means one thing; comfortable nursing.  Ajwain can be consumed with food as a spice and can also be taken as tea. Full ingredient here…

11.Red Raspberry Leaves

herbs for lactation induction

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The leaves from raspberries, little fruits which are not only lovely to look at but also conjure up some feel good emotions when you eat them. For now we will leave the raspberry fruit out of the equation and deal with the leaves which are the galactagogues. Check out their nutrition value here…




12. Dill

galactagogue herbs

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Just because it has the shortest name on the list doesn’t mean that this herb is any less effective. If you thought dill is just a kitchen companion, then you haven’t heard of its lactation inducing capability. You can find it fresh or dried in the stores, but the fresh version is way better. Learn how to make remedies from dill…




Once you try out these herbs, I do hope your breastfeeding woes will end soon. Take your pick from these amazing herbs because there is always something that will work for everyone. Since I am a sucker for success stories, do share with us what worked for you! Keep in touch with us and get more new mommy tips here. As always, we are open to suggestions, comments and any other feedback from our readers, don’t hesitate, do write to us. We will be glad to hear from you!

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