21 Easy Healthy Recipes For Pregnant Women

21 Easy Healthy Recipes For Pregnant Women

When you become pregnant, you definitely start worrying on what to eat and what not to. This is where these easy healthy recipes come in handy. In pregnancy, you tend to be a fussy eater and for that reason I have compiled an all around the clock meal recipes for moms-to-be. Since you are feeding for two, you cannot afford to skip a meal. Add some fun to your meal plan with these 21 easy healthy recipes for pregnant women.





This is the most important meal of the day and you should never miss to eat something. I have also added some recipes to help with your morning sickness.



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1. Blueberry Banana Bread

Blueberry banana bread

Image via The Little Green Spoon

Tastes as heavenly as it looks! Why go for bland bread when you can trade it for a sweeter, tastier and healthier version? Get the full recipe here.





2. Cocoa Almond and Banana Toast

Cocoa almond and banana toast

Image via Trader Joes

This toast goes down well when you wake up craving for sweets. It is both sweet, healthy and a mood booster. Learn how to make this fun yet simple toast.





3. Berry Smoothie

21 Easy Healthy Recipes for Pregnant Women

Image via Food Network

For mornings when you are all nauseated and don’t want to eat something too heavy, a berry smoothie can save the day. Since you cannot afford to miss breakfast when feeding for two, find out how to make it with this berry smoothie recipe.



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4. Broth

healthy pregnancy recipes

Image via All Remedies

Pregnancies differ while some bring about morning sickness others may give you an all-day sickness.  To wash off all the nausea, you need a broth at your disposal. For this particular broth all you need is…




5. Banana Spinach Smoothie

Easy Recipes for Pregnant Women

Image via Fannetastic

What do you do when you have bananas and spinach? Banana spinach smoothie! Learn to add some green in your morning smoothie!




6. Veggie Omelet

Pregnant Women recipes

Image via Bellamy’s Organic

Doesn’t it look tasty? Veggie omelet is very nutritious and delicious. You can prepare it in the morning when your appetite is at peak. Click here to learn how to create this divine omelet.




7. Tuna and Chickpea Sandwiches

pregnancy recipes for women

Image via Cooking Classy

No more excuses for skipping lunch even at work for new mummies-to-be. You can pack this healthy sandwich and munch on it during lunch break. Making it is easy, learn how to…



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8. Veggie Pizza

21 Easy Healthy Recipes for Pregnant Women

Image via Super Healthy Kids

Just because you cannot order your favorite spicy pizza now doesn’t mean it is the end of it. There is a healthier version for you. Learn how to make this delicious pizza here.




9.  Shrimp Avocado Salad

healthy foods for pregnant women

Image via Natasha’s Kitchen

Bored of pasta or rice for lunch? Shrimp avocado salad could be the new meal on your menu. It is tasty, nutritious and keeps you full. What more could you ask for? Try the full recipe.




10. Chicken Salad

pregnant women recipes

Image via Beach Body On Demand

Chicken salad is a taste of both worlds because you get to have grilled chicken the healthy way. There’s no better way to enhance bowel activity than this, so learn how to make it yourself.




11. Cucumber Salad

easy recipes for pregnancy

Image via Martha Stewart

Yet another salad for your lunch meal plan. You don’t have to take the same old dish day in day out. Let your taste buds explore with this cucumber with sour cream and dill salad.




12. Chicken Feta Pasta

easy healthy recipes

Image via Well Plated

Need something tasty for lunch? Some well-done chicken feta pasta is the right mood booster. Prepare it with an expert hand following this recipe.



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Let’s find out what’s cooking for dinner…

13. Salmon and Vegetables

Salmon and vegetables

Image via Mom Endeavors

Here is another cool way to prepare salmon. It makes a nice family dinner which is not only yummy, but also good for your health. Get the whole recipe and get to impress your loved ones.




14. Spinach Tomato Pasta

21 Easy Healthy Recipes for Pregnant Women

Image via Jeyashri’s Kitchen

Pasta goes well with sauce but who said you can’t be creative with it? Take out some spinach and tomatoes and start getting busy. You will need this recipe.




15. Chicken and Broccoli Laksa

Chicken and Broccoli Laksa

Image via Bellamy’s Organic

For Laksa lovers, although you are supposed to be cautious about getting it from the streets, you can still have it if you have cravings. Get the full recipe for chicken and broccoli laksa.




16.  Veggie-fried Rice

recipes for pregnant women

Image via Classy Cooking

Turn around your meal plan with this delicious and healthy dish. Plain rice could be boring at times, so when you feel like getting experimental for dinner this time around, learn how to make this tasty delicacy.



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17. Ginger Tea

ginger tea for pregnant women

Image via All Remedies

Ginger tea is very helpful with nausea whether for morning or all day sickness. Do not let nausea keep you in bed. Just brew ginger tea by following these easy steps.



Finally…its snack time!




18. Coconut Pecan Granola

Coconut pecan granola

Image via Joy Food Sunshine

The doctor may have warned you against taking too sugary cereals but what he may not have told you is that you could make healthy ones yourself. Learn how to make this yummy yet healthy snack for breakfast.




19. Fruit-topped Crackers

Healthy Recipes for Pregnant Women

Image via Sweet Authoring

Add some flavor to your crackers with this ten minute twist. It is always genius to sneak in some fruit in your snacks when eating for two. Catch this awesome and quick recipe here.



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20. Mango Ice Cream

Mango ice cream

Image via Veg Recipes of India

I love to eat, make smoothies and fruit salads out of mangoes. Recently, I learnt that those are not the limit to enjoying my favorite fruit and you can also learn how to. Turn mangoes into delicious ice cream by following this recipe.




21. Zucchini Parmesan Crisps

healthy recipes for women who are pregnant

Image via Damn Delicious

I bet you all love watching your favorite TV show with a bag of potato chips in hand. With these crisps, you will definitely trade your bag of chips because they are much healthier and have low calories. Learn how to make them.



This marks the end of our amazing discovery on what to include in your meal plan this beautiful season. I hope you enjoyed the compilation and if I missed something feel free to share. Ladies, all feedback is welcome! Avoid these to have a healthy pregnancy.



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