42 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Pregnancy

42 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Pregnancy

Congratulations new moms! I know it can be hella crazy having a new life growing inside you but no one said it’s easy. To help with your situation, let’s navigate through a list of goodies that coconut oil can do for you! This tropical fruit has lots of benefits that you cannot miss out on. Without further ado here are 42 health benefits of coconut oil for pregnancy




1. Acne

coconut oil pregnancy acne

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Acne is yet another not so delightful experience some new moms go through. It is joyful to be expectant but losing your natural smooth skin isn’t. Did you know that coconut oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties that can help get your skin smooth and glowing again? I bet you didn’t, learn more…




2.Stretch Marks

coconut oil pregnancy stretch marks

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If stretch marks are not a woman’s nightmare, I don’t know what is. These guys are not very welcome on any skin, so how do you stop them especially in pregnancy? Wait, is it even possible? With coconut oil of course because of their high absorbing power, they easily penetrate the skin and do their magic. Check the many combinations that work!




3. Cuticles

Incredible uses of coconut oil

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Are you a nail lover? Well…brace up for either quick growth or extra brittleness in pregnancy. Good luck for you if yours is the former but if you belong to the latter category you may need some solution. Coconut oil is a quick and natural fix for your breaking nails.





Pregnancy benefits of coconut oil

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It’s all about beauty skin when we are talking coconut. Cellulite’s are very unsightly wherever they appear; stomach and thighs. You may not have had them before pregnancy but they may gradually appear as you progress to delivery. Coconut oil will definitely come in handy for this situation.




5. Makeup Remover

Incredible uses of coconut oil

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You’ve gone out with your girlfriends or on a date with your hubby and you are out of your makeup remover, don’t freak especially if you have some coconut oil somewhere in your dressing. Guess what, coconut oil is an efficient makeup remover and unlike other store bought removers, it is natural and leaves your face moisturized.




6. Hemorrhoids

can i eat coconut while pregnant

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Once you are pregnant, bowel movement slows down; an issue you have to deal with every time. While for some it may be mild others could face severe constipation which in most cases results to hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are nothing short of scary and painful but with coconut oil at hand, all will be well.




7. Constipation

coconut oil for pregnancy constipation

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With slow bowel movement in pregnancy, constipation is a sure result. Using coconut oil in your food helps soften excretion movement in the colon and rectum. It will be an understatement to just say coconut oil will reduce your sitting hours in the washroom because well…it is very effective. Kiss constipation goodbye.




8. Morning Sickness

Is it safe to use coconut oil while pregnant

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Already feeling nauseated just thinking about it. If you have tried ginger, lemon tea, green tea and all other herbs that you have come across in your online search, it is time you tried some coconut oil/water. I know it sounds like a horrible idea but wait till you try it out.




9. Itchy Belly

coconut oil on pregnant belly

Image via: Mom Junction

You probably have had of this or are facing it already. Isn’t it awkward to have to scratch your belly in places outside your bedroom? Of course it is, especially if you are surrounded with people who have no idea of itchiness that comes with pregnancy. They may think your personal hygiene is lacking so save yourself from this embarrassing situation by applying coconut oil on your baby bump.




10. Baby’s Brain

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Baby

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Whatever you eat as an expectant mom goes a long way in helping your baby’s proper development. There are a number of foods recommended for moms to boost brain development for their unborn babies, coconut oil being one of them. The fatty acids present in coconut oil are responsible for this.




11. Yeast Infection

coconut oil pregnancy lubricant

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Ladies, we all know how yeast infection can get you itchy down there. Not only is it itchy and uncomfortable but it is also downright embarrassing. Once you are pregnant, the hormone imbalance can increase yeast activity leading to infection. Ingesting coconut oil or applying it is a sure remedy!




12. Balancing Hormones

coconut oil to get pregnant

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Pregnancy is a time when all your hormones go haywire and getting something to keep them in check will be useful. Coconut oil will not disappoint you once…make it your hormone balancing companion. Thanks to it, you will have less arguments with hubby, sounds helpful, right?




13. Heartburn

Is eating coconut good for a pregnant woman

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As expectant moms, getting regular on and off episodes of heartburn becomes part of your life when you are pregnant. While you may opt for a strict diet without any trigger foods, it may recur, what to do? Ever thought of trying coconut oil or water? You have to because it works wonders for heartburn.




14. Boosting Immunity

can i eat coconut while pregnant

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When feeding for two, everything in your diet counts. You have to take foods that not only satisfy your cravings but also help boost your immunity. Coconut oil is one such food that will bar viruses and bacteria from affecting you. You can also apply coconut oil for its skin nourishing properties.




15. High Blood Pressure

Pregnancy benefits of coconut oil

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While we all believed that saturate fats are dangerous for BP, studies now show contrary results. In pregnancy, pressure levels are always fluctuating and this calls for some remedy to keep it stable. Natural oils such as coconut oil are more effective for this work. Read more…




16. Gestational Diabetes

Incredible uses of coconut oil

Image via: Tropicana

Scary, right? Good thing is that once you give birth, it most likely goes away. Gestational diabetes is actually as a result of a buildup of hormones by the placenta which increases the glucose in your body. If your body is unable to regulate the blood sugar, that’s when gestational diabetes sets in. To help regulate your glucose levels turn to coconut oil, here’s why…




17. Boost Metabolism

Which oil is best for stretch marks during pregnancy

Image via: Indonesia coconut oil

If you are feeling exhausted for no apparent reason while pregnant it may be that your metabolism rate has gone down. To help you get energized without using pills or energy drinks, take some coconut oil. Coconut oils contain fatty acids which are then converted to energy. Read more…




18. Flu Relief

coconut oil massage during pregnancy

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Getting a flu is close to a nightmare especially if it turns severe. For one, you will have to stick to natural home remedies that your doctor recommends or fight it ‘cold turkey’ with nothing at all. Take your pick! But I suggest you go for coconut oil which is good with flus and what do you know, it is also safe in pregnancy.




19. Cold Sores

Is it safe to use coconut oil while pregnant

Image via: Coconut Oil Post

Are you pregnant this winter? Cold sores could be something you should be expecting or already experiencing. What to do? Get some natural coconut oil and you will experience quick relief for those unsightly sores.




20. Kidney and UTI

coconut oil for pregnancy constipation

Image via: Health Care A to Z

UTI as yeast infection is a hush hush condition that many women are afraid to seek medical help, hope that’s not you though. With pregnancy, UTI and other infections tend to become rampant due to lowered immunity as well as hormonal change. To help you with this problem, try some coconut oil…




21. Healthy Thyroid

coconut oil massage during pregnancy

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If you are having issues with thyroid, most probably it will progress even in pregnancy which is a delicate moment. Since you may be forced to discontinue some drugs why not shift to a safer prescription? Before turning to coconut, it will be wise to consult with your obgyn.




22. Varicose Veins

Which oil is best for stretch marks during pregnancy

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These are overly protruding veins behind your legs caused by a number of issues such as standing for a long time. Pregnancy can aggravate the situation because of the pressure exerted on the feet. Coconut oil can relieve your feet and restore their natural beauty. You have tried the rest, now try the best!




23. Eczema

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Baby

Image via: Pregnancy Health

Well new moms…seems I will be ranting and ranting all about the many unpleasant transitions that come with motherhood, but don’t you worry, we have a solution for you; coconut oil. Coconut oil helps to nourish the affected area and with its antiseptic properties, the itchiness and irritability will all be brought to a halt.




24. Insect Repellant

can i eat coconut while pregnant

Image via: One How To

Well, well, well…if you thought the list on the uses of coconuts is endless then you are wrong. Coconut oil is a natural insect repellant which can keep harmful insects such as mosquitoes at bay.




25. Headache Reliever

coconut oil pregnancy acne

Image via: The Green Healer

Don’t let me go on and on about this. Headaches are next to nature when you are expectant because of the overwhelming hormonal change, sleep loss, stress, mood swings and I don’t know why, everything just seems to bug you. Since you cannot turn to pain relievers at this point, natural remedies such as coconut oil can be a life saver!




26. Sleep

Is eating coconut good for a pregnant woman

Image via: I Dream Of Sleep

Before pregnancy you could definitely jump into bed and snooze off almost immediately. After pregnancy though, your normal sleep pattern could be altered because, I mean, everything has changed too. Again, coconut oil is here to the rescue as it can help produce sleep hormones your body desires.




27. Reduce Swellings

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Baby

Image via: Bp Makes Me Sick

Are you facing swelly feet in your pregnancy? It’s normal. It happens to most if not all pregnant mothers. Luckily, you can reduce the swelling at home. Use some coconut oil to massage your feet and see how it will reduce in a few days. Learn more…




28. Back Pain

coconut oil massage during pregnancy

Image via: Parenting Healthy Babies

Ouch! Back pain can be excruciatingly painful especially when you have a bump. At times it feels like an imaginary knife cutting through your back calling for a pain balm that can offer relief immediately. Coconut oil is that pain balm you are looking for.




29. Depression and Mood Swings

Pregnancy benefits of coconut oil

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When there’s a whirl of emotions coupled up with fluctuation of hormones there’s something always lurking in the corner; depression. While this is normal when you are expectant, there must be something that can help contain the situation.




30. Relaxing

Is coconut oil good for pregnant belly

Image via: Daily Mom

That sounds amazing. Imagine if you could get a solution to keep you relaxed after a long day of stress, hormonal imbalance, swelly feet coupled up with an agonizing headache and not to forget you hadn’t slept well the previous night, wouldn’t that be a blessing? Indeed. A blessing disguised as coconut oil combined with essential oils for your body!




31. Frizzy Hair

Incredible uses of coconut oil

Image via: Health Unbox

I know what you are thinking…enough already. Pregnancy is not a horrible experience but it sure comes with some side effects that you should brace up for. Frizzy hair is among the many undesirable outcomes but can easily be fixed with generous application of the magical oil; coconut oil.




32. Sunscreen

coconut oil pregnancy lubricant

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A little stroll in the sun does more good for you and your baby’s well-being. The forgetfulness that comes with pregnancy can keep you exposed in the sun without some sunscreen getting you all patched up with sun burns. If you have some coconut lying around your home somewhere, use it and see how fast your skin is healed.




33. Sore Nipples

Pregnancy benefits of coconut oil

Image via: Parenting First Cry

In pregnancy, it seems that every part of your body cries out for attention in the most annoying ways like sore nipples. Good thing there is always a solution for almost everything and in this case, coconut oil is the guy to look out for. Rub gently on your nipples for quick relief.




34. Shaving Cream

Is it safe to use coconut oil while pregnant

Image via: Khoob Surati

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you should forget all about grooming. If your pregnancy takes a toll on you, this can easily slip away from your mind. We don’t want you looking all hairy and messy so we let you know that coconut oil can be a superb shaving cream.




35. Deodorant

Incredible uses of coconut oil

Image via: Chic Creative Life

Smelly sweat is yet another embarrassing situation that comes with being expectant. In pregnancy, sweat may reduce or increase depending on your hormonal changes. To save yourself from bad odor, use some coconut oil. Learn how to make it.




36. Whiten Teeth

Incredible uses of coconut oil

Image via: Todays Health Nutrition Secrets

For some new moms, pregnancy can transform them into introverts who feel comfortable at home than outdoors. If you fall into this category, this means you don’t want to go out for some teeth whitening experience at the dentist for that reason you will appreciate that coconut oil can do the job at the comfort of your home.




37. Lip Balm

Pregnancy benefits of coconut oil

Image via: Beauty blog

Looking for a solution for dry chapped lips that is natural and smells good? You are on the right track to finding it. Coconut oil is just the best lip balm that has no side effects whatsoever because…hey it’s natural. Since cracked lips is so common in pregnancy grab one today!




38. Cracked Heels

Is eating coconut good for a pregnant woman

Image via: Foot Cream Guru

Can anything make your feet look unsightly as cracking does? I don’t think so. In pregnancy all the increased weight could have a contrary effect on your feet; cracking. A pumice stone could help remove the dead skin but coconut oil will help keep your feet not only moisturized but also free from cracks.




39. Dark Circles Under Eyes

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Baby

Image via: Beauty Epic

Now who wants to have dark circles under their eyes? I know it’s not me. Dark circles around the eyes make you look tired and stressed out which can happen during pregnancy since your body is not used to this transition. Coconut oil has a number of properties effective for keeping puffiness and dark circles away.




40. Clean Makeup Brush

Incredible uses of coconut oil

Image via: The Nosh Life Blog

Pregnancy is a time when you should not stress about anything like cleaning your makeup brushes. In pregnancy, you have to look for all the easier ways for the sake of saving time for relaxing and taking things easy. So in the name of making things easy, use coconut oil to easily clean your makeup brushes.




42. Polish Leather

Is eating coconut good for a pregnant woman

Image via: Mom 4 real

Am I kidding? Of course not. If you have never heard of this then let me take the honor of letting you know that coconut oil can be very efficient for conditioning your leather couch. Don’t let your leather fray just because you are busy being pregnant…work your coconut oil on it!


If you have made it through our awesome list then lucky you! You have just been enlightened on the many uses of coconut oil. Any one you feel left out? Share with us, we will love to hear from you.

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