15 Fertility Boosting Foods You Should Eat Now!

15 Fertility Boosting Foods You Should Eat Now!

Is having a baby a dream come true for you? Have you tried everything but nothing seems to work?


Almost everyone wishes for that one day when he/she will become a parent to a beautiful baby. For some, it comes naturally while for others it is not the case due to some various factors. Infertility affects men and women alike which is a source of stress and depression for many. For that reason a remedy must be sought.


15 fertility boosting foods you should eat


When aspiring to have a child, you must realize that your body is sensitive to the environment which affects reproduction. Among factors that affect fertility is the kind of foods you take. Reconsider your meal plan and add these 15 fertility boosters to the menu. These foods are:

1. Whole Milk

milk for pregnancy

Image via Conceive Easy

In this age of keeping fit and lean we all have been keeping off whole milk and going for low fat milk. What we did not know is that whole milk is a fertility booster while skimmed milk is not. Find out more


2. Whole Grain

whole grains for fertility

Image via BabyCared

To increase your chances of getting a baby you have to dump refined foods. Go for brown bread, high fiber cereals and any whole grain products. Care to know why? Learn more


3. Leafy Greens

pregnancy boosting foods

Image via Fit for Fertility

Most leafy greens are good fertility enhancers. I love spinach, when preparing veggie omelet or spinach balls, coriander for my bean sauce and kales for a healthy dinner. Get to know why you should take more greens today.


4. Asparagus

Asparagus for fertility

Image via Life Spa

Another vegetable to include in your menu is the asparagus. You could prepare it on its own or add it to supplement your protein dish like shrimp. Learn more about the fertility benefits of asparagus.


5. Garlic


Image via Quick Health

Apart from causing bad breath, garlic has a number of health benefits including increasing fertility. I know it’s quite bitter to chew but trust me it is for the best.


6. Salmon

salmon for fertility

Image via Lady-comp

Who doesn’t love salmon? It is a source of omega 3 and vitamin B6 which are important ingredients for boosting your body’s reproductive system.


7. Citrus Fruits

citrus fruits for fertility

Image via Looking After Lentil

I am always enthusiastic when kiwis, oranges and tangerines are in season. They make good juice and are enjoyable to eat. Citrus fruits have a role to play when it comes to fertility.


8. Avocado

avocado for fertility

Image via Daily Mail

Do you like Avocados?  Personally, I love them. Avocados make good salads and are great for making smoothies. No matter how you like to have it, sneak it into your meal plan and you will increase your chances of becoming a parent.


9.  Blue Berry

blueberries for fertility

Image via Getting Pregnant Now

Blue berries are not just colorful and tasty, they also work for both male and female fertility enhancement. Berries are rich in antioxidants which are the essential ingredients. Munch on berries when watching TV or make a smoothie out of it.


10. Lentils

lentils for fertility

Image via Livestrong

Once I felt bored with my normal meal plan and decided to introduce these high rich proteins in my diet, I never regretted it. Why lentils? They have essential fertility boosting minerals.


11. Eggs

eggs for fertility

Image via Men’s Health and Fitness Tips

Eggs are a source of high protein and unless you are allergic, there is nothing that should stop you from having them. We all differ in our preferences but whether scrambled, boiled or fried, men ensure you have it.


12. Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate for fertility

Image via Macfield MD

Need I say this twice? Almost everyone is a chocolate fan and this makes it even easier to include in your snacking than the others.


13. Walnuts

walnuts for fertility

Image via Ecosalon

Just like eggs, nuts could cause allergic reactions to some people. To those who are not allergic, what are you waiting for? Walnuts like its other nutty cousins are great for fertility.


14. Coconut Oil

coconut oil for fertility

Image via Fertility Tips

Is it me or is there something feisty about the scent of coconut oil? For me, it’s always a reminder of the beach. Among the many health benefits coconut oil has, it is also a solution to infertility.


15. Flax Seeds

flax seeds for fertility

Image via Very Well

These guys are quite tiny but you cannot underestimate their nutritional value. Like salmon, they are rich in omega 3 and thus get their place on the list. How to eat them? You can add to your morning smoothie or cereal.


For mums and dads-to-be, you have the variety to pick from. Hope the list has been helpful. Let us know in the comments below!

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