What is the Best Formula Dispenser?

What is the Best Formula Dispenser?

As a parent who feeds their child formula, you probably know the pain of carrying formula in a canister. Having a dedicated formula dispenser makes it so that you can have your child's formula measured out before it is added to the bottle. Some dispensers even mix the bottle for you. In addition, using a dedicated formula dispenser means that the food that you are feeding your child will be done in a sanitary way. Finding the best formula dispenser can be a difficult task with the myriad options available on the market, hence we've narrowed it down to five of the best options:

Before we start reviewing these products, let's take a look at some of the reasons a formula dispenser may be a great purchase choice for you.

Benefits of Having a Formula Dispenser

As with any new purchase you make, there is a reason why you are considering buying a formula dispenser.

Here are some of the benefits:

More Accurate

An automated machine will measure out the amount of milk and water that you need to make your baby's food and combine it perfectly so that you never have to worry about the measurements yourself again.

Pouring the formula and the water by hand can lead to too much water being added to the bottle, which waters down the food you give to your baby.

To compensate, many parents add a bit more formula, but this method is extremely inaccurate.

With an automated system, these accuracy issues cease to exist.

Less Air Bubbles

When you mix formula with water, air bubbles often form, which means that they will be present in the formula your baby will be drinking.

These bubbles of air cause young children to have gas, which can make them feel uncomfortable later in the day.

When you use a formula dispenser, the machine gently mixes the formula and the water together in a way that helps prevent air bubbles from forming.

More Consistent Temperature

Making sure that your baby's bottle is just the right temperature is difficult.

Some automatic dispensers have a temperature gauge that you can use to set the temperature of the bottle to be exactly the same every time.

You will no longer need to pour the formula over your wrist to make sure that it is not too hot for your baby to drink.

No More Late Night Messes

Have you ever had to make a bottle for your little one at three in the morning?

You were most likely half asleep and the formula and water ended up spilling all over the countertop and all over your hands before you finished making the bottle.

This mess can be avoided when the water and the formula are already inside of the dispenser.

The machine will have a bottle ready for your baby to enjoy in mere seconds.

Pre-Purchase Considerations

As you are looking into formula dispensers to help you feed your baby, there are a few considerations that you will want to make before deciding which one to purchase.

Easy to Use

One of the reasons that you are looking into a formula dispenser is to be able to make your baby's bottle quickly.

This means that you want to look for a device that is easy to use and easy to clean as well.


Many of these formula dispensers are made from plastic materials.

Make sure the company that manufactures the product uses BPA-free materials that will be safe for your baby; after all, they are going to be drinking the formula that is dispensed from it.


Your baby is not going to use formula all of his or her life, so once they outgrow the need for the dispenser, what will you do with the unit?

Some formula dispensers can be used to dispense other things.

Portable units can carry snacks for your toddler, but not all of these types of dispensers can be used for other things.

Before you decide on a formula dispenser, decide whether you will give it to a friend who has an infant, or whether you will want to use it for something else.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro One Step Food Maker

Best Formula Dispenser

The first product that we are going to review is an easy to operate machine that can make a bottle in as little as 30 seconds.

It is designed to store up to 700 grams of formula at once, which means that you can make up to 20 eight ounce bottles before you need to refill the container.

The machine also holds 50 ounces of water so that you don't have to refill it each time you make a bottle.

No matter how much your baby drinks in one sitting, this dispenser accommodates the size of the bottle that they need.

In fact, you can choose between a two ounce, a four ounce, a six ounce, an eight ounce, and a ten ounce bottle.


  • The water tank is removable so that it is easy to fill.
  • The drip tray can be adjusted to accommodate different bottle sizes.
  • The design minimizes the number of air bubbles that is in the milk.


  • This machine is a bit on the loud side.
  • You must purify it before adding it to the water dispenser.
best formula dispenser 2017

The Gerber BabyNes is a device that makes it easy to make a bottle for your baby without wondering if you are adding the right amount of formula to the water so that they get the nutrition that they require.

The BabyNes system has its own formula that is pre-measured and pre-packaged into pods that you simply insert into the machine.

There are different pods for the different stages that your baby will progress through to ensure they receive the proper nutrients for their development.

The water container on the top of the unit can easily be removed so that you can fill it at the sink.

There is a temperature gauge on the control panel to make sure the bottle is the perfect temperature, and you can even connect the device to your phone or tablet to see your baby's development and their formula needs.


  • Easy to clean
  • It's easy to use.
  • It's easy to track how much formula you have left.


  • You have to use the formula that is designed for this system specifically.
  • The price of the capsules can add up.
Best Formula Dispenser Reviews

The Joovy Boob Formula Dispenser is a device that is designed to make bottle feeding on the go an easier concept.

The container has three compartments that hold eight ounces of pre-measured formula that can easily be poured into your child's bottle for them to enjoy.

It is designed as a spill proof container so you don't have to worry about leaks at any time, and when your child grows out of the formula stage, it can be used to store snacks for your travels as well.


  • Easy to clean
  • It's easy to use.
  • It has three convenient compartments that you can use for when you need to be away from home the entire day.


  • Twisting off the cap can be difficult, especially with one hand.
  • This device is not designed to prevent air bubbles, simply to dispense the formula.
baby formula dispenser

The Tommee Tippee formula dispenser is a machine that is designed to provide the perfect water temperature for each and every bottle.

You can select the size of the bottle your baby needs, which can vary from four ounces up to 11 ounces.

The unit comes with a four ounce bottle that you can use as well as the formula container if you want.

Before the machine fills the bottle, a hot shot of water will be pressed through the system to make sure it is clean.

Once the water comes out, you should add the formula, mix it, and then place the bottle back on the device to finish filling with water.


  • The temperature is very consistent with each bottle.
  • The water is purified.
  • It's easy to use.


  • Beeps are rather loud.
  • Sometimes the water gets on the outside of the bottle.

Our final product tries to ensure that the process of providing formula for our babies isn't contaminated by harmful germs.

When we give our little ones formula, there is a tendency to have to deal with a scoop.

Reaching in with your hands and scooping is an unsanitary process that the NeoTop system tries to replace.

Instead of constantly scooping, the NeoTop baby formula dispenser lets you toss the whole can of formula into its container.

You do this by using the lid of the device as a stand. Once the formula is in the body of the NeoTop, you can turn it right side up again and dispense the formula in scoop sized increments.

Once in the scoop area, all you'll have to do is upend it once again and drop the contamination-free formula into the bottle.


  • This is a very convenient system that measures the needed formula for you.
  • There is very little chance for contaminants to get inside of your child's bottle.
  • You can see exactly how much formula is left.


  • There's no way to prevent air bubbles.
  • It's not super convenient for late night feeding.

Final Thoughts

If you are a new parent, a formula dispenser can save you a lot of time and hassle when it comes to feeding time.

Out of the five products that we have reviewed in this guide, which product would we consider to be the best formula dispenser?

Well, if we were to narrow it down to one product, the Baby Brezza Formula Pro One Step Food Maker would take the lead.

It is a product that takes away the measuring and mixing of making a bottle.

It eliminates air bubbles and gives you a consistent temperature every time you make a bottle.

It also holds enough to make 20 eight ounce bottles, which also makes it a great option for parents who need to feed more than one child.

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