What Is The Best Bottle Warmer?

What Is The Best Bottle Warmer?

Whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding, your baby will expect their bottle to be served perfectly warm. Warm milk or formula should be as close to body temperature as possible to mimic the temperature that milk would be when nurses from the breast. Getting your baby's bottle to the right temperature can be difficult and time-consuming especially when the liquid you are trying to warm comes from the refrigerator. A bottle warmer can make life much easier for parents and can decrease the risks associated with warming bottles. If you are an expectant or new parent, you may want to start thinking about choosing the best bottle warmer for your needs

Do I need a bottle warmer?

Like many baby gadgets, you may either find that your bottle warmer collects dust or it might be a device that you look back on and wonder, “what would we have done without this?”

While it is hard to know whether you will get a lot of use out of a bottle warmer before your baby comes and a routine is established, it is still a good idea to get one.

In the early days and months of your life with baby, there will hardly seem like there is enough time in the day to get your bearings.

If the idea of standing by the sink for 20 minutes running warm water and trying to get things perfect doesn’t sound appealing to you then a bottle warmer may be necessary.

Whether you are planning to breastfeed or formula feed, if you plan to introduce a bottle to your baby at any point you will benefit from having a bottle warmer.

After all, every little bit of time and energy saved while raising your baby is time and energy you can spend snuggling them.

Choosing a bottle warmer

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There are many things that must be considered when choosing the best bottle warmer for your needs. Unlike many gadgets, warmers may not be one size fits all.

If you are breastfeeding, you will want to choose a warmer that is compatible with breastmilk and milk storage bags. Some units may heat milk too quickly or use too high of temperatures to be compatible with breastmilk.

If you are formula feeding, you will want to make sure that your warmer can be used with premixed formula as some warmers require you to heat the water first and then add powdered formula.

If you have an idea of what your preferred method of feeding will be that’s a great start in helping you to choose a bottle warmer.

Advantages of a bottle warmer

Eliminates common safety concerns

Reduce risk of hot spots

When heating your baby’s bottle, it is important to get a temperature that is consistent throughout the liquid.

Using the microwave or hot water can result in pockets of liquid that are much hotter than your baby can tolerate.

These hot spots have the potential to burn your baby’s mouth. While most burns are not serious, it is possible that a burn could severely injure your little one making it difficult for them to eat.

The last thing a parent wants is to see their child in pain and know that they were the cause of it. Using a bottle warmer is a great way to ensure that these accidents do not occur.

Ward off bacteria

Food safety guidelines apply to everything that is consumed. These guidelines are even more important to the food that babies consume.

When food is kept at an unsafe temperature, or in the “danger zone” of around 41 degrees, bacteria has the opportunity to grow and multiply at an alarming rate.

If a baby consumes breastmilk or formula that has bacteria growth, this can cause intestinal issues and extreme sickness or discomfort for your baby.

By using a bottle warmer, you can be sure that their food is kept at a temperature that is appropriate to avoid any illness causing contamination.

Prevent chemical leaching

Some parents choose to heat formula or the water to mix the formula in the microwave. In addition to the issues listed above, this can cause issues with chemical leaching from plastic bottles.

Even if a bottle is BPA free, there are many chemicals that are required for the creation of ‘microwave-safe’ plastic that can leach into a baby’s milk.

Though the amounts leached are not in high numbers, if every bottle is prepared by using the microwave, the chemicals consumed through the baby’s bottle-drinking years will be much higher than those whose bottles were heated using a bottle warmer.

In an increasingly health conscious world, it is a great idea to start your child off in the right direction by avoided chemicals as much as possible.

Less time-consuming

Anyone who has prepared a bottle using warm water from the sink knows how tedious and time consuming this practice can be.

To do this, you must either submerge the bottle or milk storage bag in water or let the warm water run over it.

As the warm water heats up the bottle, slowly, you must agitate the liquid to distribute the warmer milk around.

As you feel it warm up you test the temperature using your wrist to make sure that it is just right.

All the testing and mixing involved with this method takes a lot of time and effort. This could be easily avoided with the use of a bottle warmer.

Use for other foods

Another great feature of some bottle warmers is their ability to warm up baby food as well.

This not only cuts out your need to microwave but it also prolongs the usability of your warmer.

If you are worried that you will only use a bottle warmer for the relatively short amount of time that your baby uses formula or nurses, usually around one year, this bonus may be just what you need to see the importance of a warmer.

Realizing a need for a bottle warmer is the first step toward making your life with a new baby easier.

Choosing a bottle warmer, with so many on the market, is slightly more difficult than you may imagine.

The following is a list of some of the best bottle warmers available to help you decide which may be the best bottle warmer for you.

Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer

Best Bottle Warmer

Kiinde is the creator of an innovative line of products that make pumping, storing, and bottle feeding breastmilk as easy as possible.

This milk warmer is designed for use with their Kiinde Twist and Foodii system but it can also be used with regular breastmilk bags or bottles as well as formula.


  • Long-lasting reservoir does not need to be filled each time
  • Automatic shut-off eliminates overheated bottles
  • Heats bottles, bags, glass, and baby food jars
  • Timer lets you know when bottle will be ready


  • Once you remove the bottle or bag the process must be restarted
  • Not a portable warmer
  • Must be cleaned and descaled regularly

If you are looking for a versatile and safe bottle warmer the Kiinde Kozii may be the right choice for your needs.

bottle warmer reviews

This bottle warmer and cooler is an innovative device that makes nighttime feeds a breeze. If you dread the thought of 2 am bottles, this may be the best warmer for you.


  • Cooler keeps two bottles cool and ready for warming for eight hours
  • Heats breastmilk, formula, or baby food
  • Works with a variety of bottles
  • Uses steam to heat bottles quickly and efficiently


  • Must use bottles or jars, not bags
  • Takes up more room than most warmers
  • There is a learning curve to get it right

The Night Cravings bottle warmer by The First Years will make an incredibly big difference in your life day and night.

best baby bottle warmer

The high-tech company that makes this bottle warmer are also the masterminds behind the device that is like a Keurig for baby formula.

Smart and sleek, this is a terrific option if you’re looking for a unique warmer with some extra bells and whistles.


  • Two modes for either steady water bath heating or quick steam heating
  • Defrosts frozen breastmilk and baby food
  • Innovative phone app lets you know when milk or food is ready
  • Warms bottles quickly and safely


  • Beeping noise is loud and annoying
  • Bottle lift feature has some design flaws
  • Plastic may not be durable

Overall, this warmer is a terrific option for a tech-friendly family looking for a bottle warmer that is out of the ordinary.

best bottle warmer 2017

This warmer is the second on the list to feature a convenient cooler feature. It combines stylish design and usability in one handy device.


  • Automatically calculates warming time
  • Heats bottles quickly- three minutes for 5oz and six minutes for 9oz
  • Countdown timer lets you know when bottle will be warm
  • Keeps two bottles cool for eight hours


  • Noticeably loud during warming
  • Bulkier than other models
  • Instructions may be unclear making this more difficult to operate

If the idea of a warmer and cooler in one device excites you, the Born Free Tru-Temp is a terrific option to consider.

While Cuisinart is better known for kitchen appliances than baby gadgets, this two-in-one device comes with some impressive capabilities and is unlike any other warmer on the list.


  • Makes baby food and warms food and bottles in one device
  • Uses steam to cook veggies for food and to warm bottles
  • Warms and steams quickly
  • Blade locks in when pouring for extra safety


  • Bottle warming area is small and awkward
  • Some users reported mold growth
  • More useful as a food steamer and maker than a warmer

This device has its place in the kitchen among the other baby gadgets, but if you are looking for an effective bottle warmer, this is probably not your best option.

It is, however, a terrific purchase if you are looking for an all-in-one device for making homemade baby food.

The overall usability of this device (Night Cravings Bottle Warmer & Cooler) is impressive, to say the least.

The idea of being able to get up for a nighttime bottle feed and never do the zombie-walk into the kitchen is a real game changer.

Once you have frozen the included pack for the cool compartment and placed in your two bottles you don’t have to worry about your bottles staying at the right temperature for eight hours.

This device fits a wide variety of bottle sizes and brands so you will not have to purchase more expensive bottles to use it. You can even use this warmer to sterilize pacifiers.

Having The First Years Night Cravings Bottle Warmer & Cooler in your baby gadget arsenal will make your nighttime feeds a little more bearable and help you to get the sleep you need.

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