Best Baby Monitor for Multiple Rooms

Best Baby Monitor for Multiple Rooms

As a new mom, you are bound to get anxious when your baby is sleeping. An efficient baby monitor ensures you can securely keep tabs on the baby during sleep time even when you take a bathroom break! Different baby monitors have come up over the years with various functionalities. We have picked five of the top baby monitors right now, and we will review each of them to help you choose the best baby monitor for multiple rooms.


Our Best Baby Monitor for Multiple Rooms



How to Choose a Baby Monitor

When choosing a baby monitor, you need to understand exactly what you are looking for.


For instance, you need to decide whether you need to see your baby or just want an audio alert from the baby’s room.


Note that a video monitor will cost you more money compared to an audio monitor.


Additionally, if you spend most of your time outside, you will need a long-range baby monitor.


On the other hand, if you move around often, a simple portable monitor that will not tire you will be the best compared to a mounted baby monitor.

Benefits of Having a Baby Monitor

Having a baby monitor for numerous rooms allows you to keep tabs on your babies without having to carry around more than one devices.


It also cuts down on the cost of having to get several monitors installed.


What to Look for in a Baby Monitor

Baby monitors today come with a range of features. In the past, baby monitors only had audio capabilities.

Today, however, they even have Wi-Fi capabilities and are app-enabled!


These features enable you to use the monitor conveniently from any of your smart devices.


The older audio monitors have also integrated Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications technology (DECT) to ensure added security and eliminate interference.


A good multiple room baby monitor should have a long-range transmission capabilities to serve you even over long distances.


Multiple receivers are also a great option, since everyone needs help with the baby once in a while.


The screen should have a split-screen mode to allow you to monitor two rooms at the same time.


How to Use a Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is a device comprising of a transmitter and a receiver.


The transmitter is placed in the baby’s room while the receiver stays with the parent.


It can be wall-mounted or placed on a tabletop.


A video monitor should be placed at a point with a full view of the baby and the nursery to allow the parent to see the happenings around the baby.



Earlier audio monitors could be hacked, or parents could even hear two people communicate through their baby monitors!


However, with the advancements in technology, baby monitors are protected from interference and spies, ensuring that you and your baby stay safe all the time.


1. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

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For a customizable baby monitor, nothing beats the DXR-8 monitor.


It features three interchangeable lenses, i.e., normal, zoom, and a wide-angle lens that can be used in different situations.


If yours is a newborn baby, you could use the zoom lens while the wide-angle lens can be used when the baby starts moving about.


With its 3.5” display, this monitor has an extended battery life that has up to 6 hours of live video feed and up to 10 hours while on power saving mode.


To save batteries, you can also put it in audio-only mode.


The monitor has a range of about 700 feet and beeps when you are moving out of range.


It also has a two-way talkback system that allows you to reassure your baby that you are still close.


  • Allows three interchangeable lenses
  • Two-way talkback system
  • Up to four cameras can be added
  • Has a long battery life
  • Easy to tilt, pan, and zoom the camera



  • It only comes with one camera so more should be bought
  • Does not have the split screen feature





2. Babysense Video Baby Monitor with Two Digital Cameras

best baby monitors for double rooms


This monitor comes with two cameras and is available at a great price even for anyone on a budget.


The monitor is long range as it transmits up to 900 feet and warns you in case you are out of range.


It can also monitor the room temperature and give you alerts when the temperatures are too high or too low for the baby.


The cameras are night vision enabled and come with 2x digital zoom pan and tile abilities.


The monitor has a 2.4″ quality color LCD and 2.4GHz technology that enables it to produce high quality videos and audios.


The Babysense monitor allows two-way talkback communication that helps you comfort your baby using your voice.


What’s more, the monitor can sing lullabies to the baby.


How cool is that!


It has two mounting options: tabletop and wall mounting.


You can also expand the number of cameras from two to four to accommodate the needs of an expanding family.


This monitor, however, lacks a larger display that monitors that are more expensive have, since it has a 2.4″ display compared to some that have up to 5″ screens.



  • When saving on power, you can disable the screen but leave the audio on
  • Very affordable and offers more value for less


  • The monitor only detects sound not motion
  • It is not WI-FI enabled thus cannot be used on other gadgets apart from the monitor
  • It does not have the split screen capability. As such, you need to switch from one camera to another manually using the OK button on the monitor





3. iBaby Care M7, Smart Wi-Fi enabled Digital Video Baby Monitor

ibaby care reviews


This monitor transmits videos in full HD in 1080p and is Wi-Fi and app-enabled, implying that you can connect it to your android or apple device.


This feature makes it range free since you can access it from any location and you can pair it with as many devices as you would like.


The iBaby M7 gives you feeding and diaper alerts making parenting much easy. This monitor also has superior air sensor abilities and can record temperatures and humidity levels in the baby’s room.


The camera also has a music player and a moonlight soother to keep your baby calm during sleep time.


You can even customize the playlist by downloading songs from iTunes.



  • Wi-Fi enabled thus can be accessed remotely
  • Has very accurate air, temperature, and humidity sensors
  • Produces high-quality videos with a resolution of 1080p


  • The monitor is quite costly





​4. VTech VM5271-2 Video Baby Monitor 

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The VM5271-2 is one of the baby monitors with the longest range in the market. Featuring a high-resolution camera with a 5″ full-color LCD screen, VTech VM5271-2 will give you great value for money.


It has volume control options to ensure that the parent can easily hear when the baby is awake or under any duress.


The battery is rechargeable and has a low battery alert.


It has a two-way talkback communication to enable the baby to hear your voice.


The shipment comes with two cameras with expandability of up to four cameras that offer a 110-degree angle view.


The monitor also allows for temperature monitoring that ensures the room is comfortable.



  • Comes with a USB charger
  • Large screen with full-color video


  • Has a short battery life
  • The zoom feature is quite loud and can wake the baby





5. VTech VM321-2 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor

best baby monitor for multiple rooms


This baby monitor comes with two cameras in shipment that are night vision enabled with adjustable lens for full view of your baby when sleeping.


It features a 2.8″ color screen. Its two-way talkback system lets you soothe your baby coupled with five lullabies that are preset into the monitor.


The monitor has a range of up to 1000 feet for both video and audio transmission with a 2.4GHz system for sound.


It has an expandable system that can allow up to four cameras that you have to buy separately.


The VM321-2 enables you to switch between French, English, and Spanish for easy setup and ease of use.



  • Has an extensive range of coverage
  • Can add up to four cameras



  • Does not allow remote access since it is not Wi-Fi or app enabled





Despite the above baby monitors having amazing features and making it remarkably hard to choose the best from them, we had to single out the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor as the top baby monitor on the list. It has fantastic features with amazing capabilities and offers excellent performance.


The monitor has interchangeable lens that make it ideal for moms with children of all infant ages due to its diverse recording capabilities.


Other great features of this monitor are the long range and extended battery life that allow users to receive transmission over long distances and for a longer time.


The only downside to this beauty is having only one camera in the shipment. This downside, however, can be remedied by adding up to four Infant Optics Add-On cameras.


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