32 Weird Signs of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

32 Weird Signs of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

Did you know that there are a number of telltale signs of pregnancy? You probably know that missing your menses is the most obvious sign, but guess what! there are other less obvious signs. Here are 32 weird signs of pregnancy before missed period.


1. Sore Nipples

8 days after conception symptoms

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Who doesn’t know how sore nipples feel? Painful and delicate. So tender you even fear scrubbing up for shower. While this can happen even during menses or any other time of the year, it could be a telltale sign that you will be a mom come 9 months! But, only a test can affirm this.


2. Cravings

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Feeling a strong urge for sweet or sour foods? Maybe you are even craving for some spicy street food. You may also have noticed that you make some weird snack combination when no one is looking and funny thing is you are loving it. Problem is the craving does not end there, you just need more. Have you stopped to wonder why? You may be pregnant.


3. Mood swings


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Ladies and mood swings are almost synonymous, but seriously, men can get moody too especially when they can’t find their socks and are late for work. Back to the ladies, mood swings become even more rampant in pregnancy. One moment you are happy the next time you are almost throwing plates at your hubby, relax, its normal. Just do a pregnancy test and confirm if you are soon becoming a mom.


4. Dizziness

Weird Signs of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

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Feeling lightheaded lately? Have you checked with your doctor? If not, you should start thinking along the line that you may be expectant. Dizziness could come as a result of the blood pressure fluctuation that comes with pregnancy. This is even prominent if you are already experiencing nausea.


5. Headache

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Feeling under the weather? You may have missed your cup of morning coffee but then again coffee is not the only the culprit. Ever thought of headache as a sign of conception? Maybe not but it is. Due to the hormonal changes in your body, headaches could result. If you are having constant headaches you better go for a pregnancy test!


6. Frequent urination

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When you realize that your trips to the bathroom have increased, you could either be having UTI or you may be pregnant. Hopefully, pregnant, who wants to battle with UTI right? This signal should prompt you to get a pregnancy test done.


7. Fatigue

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I understand that there are days when we wake up feeling exhausted either because we stayed up late or had done some hard work the previous day. But what if you find yourself yawning and too tired to get anything done yet you had perfect rest? Pregnancy could be the reason. Now that your body is undergoing some change, fatigue could be a likely result.


8. Back pain

Did you feel pregnant before missing your period

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Just like in your menses, early pregnancy can come with some excruciating back pain. Ladies I am sure you know what I’m talking about. The kind of pain that makes you dread when you see the vacuum cleaner or dirty dishes because you can hardly do any of those. Wondering why? It is all thanks to the stretching of abdominal muscles in preparation for your little one.


9. Cramps

What were your strangest early pregnancy symptoms

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Cramping in menses is just a bad experience for ladies. It does all sort of unpleasant things to your mood, appetite and your day in general. Worst of all is when it comes when you had plans for going out. When cramps set in and you are way past your menses or you are nowhere near your due date, then you should start thinking of the possibility that you may be expecting.


10. Implantation bleeding

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You didn’t see this coming, right? Came across this too. For some women, spotting could be a likelihood when they are pregnant. While you might mistake this for an early menstruation, this is not the case. Get your calendar out and if you realize that your menses are not supposed to be here already, you can start testing for pregnancy.


11. Insomnia

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Tossing and turning all night? Research shows that it could indicate early pregnancy. The new life starting to grow inside requires a number of preparation done by your body. Unfortunately, denying you a good night sleep is one of the effects of all this transformation. Check with your ob-gyn to affirm it though.


12. Sensitivity to smell

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Is your nose acting like a sniffer dog? If you can get a whiff of almost everything in your apartment it means you have heightened sense of smell. Not because you are becoming a sidekick, it’s because you are probably pregnant. Why this happens, find out more…


13. Nausea

early pregnancy symptoms before missed period answers

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While isn’t this the most common sign that comes with being expectant? When nausea comes in just know that you will be skipping breakfast most of the time. Unless you go for some ginger tea or something similar, there’s nothing that will go down and stay there. Tips for easing nausea are quite many, find some here…


14. Loss of appetite

8 days after conception symptoms

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We all know about the crazy cravings that come with pregnancy, but guess what- in the early stages you may lose your appetite altogether. Feeling no interest in food could be a sign that you are actually pregnant. Not a bad sign when you can compensate with a big appetite afterwards. Learn more on loss of appetite during pregnancy…


15. Bloating

Weird Signs of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

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Now bloating is not limited to us ladies only, it can occur to everyone especially after a heavy dinner. This is the time you just have to get some tums down your system for quick relief. Remember what we said about bowel movement and pregnancy? Bloating can also occur as a result.


16. Basal body temperature

Special Early Signs of Pregnancy

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For those who have no idea about basal body temperature, it could be an indicator that you are either pregnant. Keeping a chart will work even better in this case. If you record a high basal body temperature even way past your menses this could point to one thing.


17. Heartburn

Early Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms Before Missed Period

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Isn’t heartburn just annoying? Once it starts, it robs you of your peace because well…you just need something to cool the flame in your chest. The hormone progesterone produced causes the increase of stomach acid resulting into heartburn. Therefore, heartburn can be an indicator for pregnancy.


18. Constipation

Earliest earliest pregnancy symptoms

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Don’t even get me started about the annoying sessions you have to stay in the bathroom and only if you are lucky will something be pushed out. Otherwise, you will just have to come later to give it a try. When expectant, the hormones do all crazy stuff to a woman’s body and constipation is such an occurrence so this can be a sure sign for you!


19. Acne

Signs you knew you were pregnant!

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You may be the lady who rarely gets acne come what may, but suddenly you start to develop them on the face, shoulder neck or breast. If you are positive that it is not an allergic reaction as confirmed by a dermatologist, it could mean that you are pregnant. Thanks to the hormone androgen, this is why these guys are forming.


20. Flu

Did you feel pregnant before missing your period

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For new moms this could sound far fetched. Pregnancy tends to imitate the signs of a coming flu. The shivers, night sweat, nausea and a runny nose could be signs that a flu is starting or a pregnancy. To tell these two apart, only a test can do it best. Learn more about the flu symptoms in pregnancy…


21. Shortness of breath

What were your strangest early pregnancy symptoms

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Are you out of breath every time even when doing some light chores? For the most part this only happens when running, doing cardio or going up a flight of stairs. When this happens to you then prepare yourself psychologically as there is a likelihood that you are going to bring a new life to this world.


22. Yeast infection

What were your strangest early pregnancy symptoms

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Not a yeast infection! Yes, a yeast infection could be a sign of pregnancy. This happens because the good bacteria keeping everything in check down there are affected by the changes brought about by conception. Yeast infection is scary because it is not only itchy but can be followed by a painful sensation. Good thing is there are solutions to make them disappear! Here are some…


23. Darkening of Areolas

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You may be have heard of the enlarging of breasts as a sign of pregnancy from some mommy friends, but maybe not darkening areolas. There you have it, if you spot your areolas changing color and becoming darker than usual it could be a signal that you are expecting.


24. Diarrhea

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Quite embarrassing when it catches you at work or when shopping, but it’s quite a normal occurrence. Some women experience this especially during their monthly periods thus they can relate. Why it happens? The hormones are to blame yet again. Their high production have some effect on your bowel movement. More on diarrhea…


25. Metallic taste

Special Early Signs of Pregnancy

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A sour or an awful taste in the mouth could be something beyond just the bad taste. When you feel that every food tastes weird it could be a green light for you to get down to the store and pick a pee stick. Of course there are other more reasons behind an awful taste so after ruling them out, it means one thing; you are pregnant!


26. Food aversion

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This is the opposite of craving. For some women, food could be so repulsive at this time forcing you to have a lowered appetite. In some women it could be the slight smell of a fruit or frying onions when cooking. Whichever you ascribe to just opt for a pregnancy test.


27. Discharge

Earliest earliest pregnancy symptoms

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If you notice some white thick discharge, it could mean a number of things, pregnancy being one of them. The discharge could be more than the usual production that occurs before starting of menses. More about discharge and reasons for their release here…


28. Excessive saliva

Weird Signs of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

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Ever reminisced over eating a cheese burger? The drooling that comes with it is exactly what some women experience in early pregnancy. So when you catch yourself with excess saliva yet you aren’t craving, then that’s a big hunch that you are expectant. Read more…


29. Toothache

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Increased hormone production often affects the gums making them tender. If the gums are acted upon, then definitely the teeth are in for some pain. Toothache can therefore give you an idea that you are expecting especially if you have been trying to conceive. Whether it is just a normal toothache or a pregnancy related one, I suggest you see a dentist.


30. Bleeding gums

What were your strangest early pregnancy symptoms

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Spotting, vaginal discharge and insomnia seemed a little understandable, but bleeding gums sounds a bit off. Actually, way out of our comprehending capacity. What do my teeth have to do with pregnancy, right? Pregnancy gingivitis is what causes this. Again, the hormonal imbalance is to blame here. The bleeding stops after pregnancy though.


31. Leg cramps

Did you feel pregnant before missing your period

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We expected this to come later in the third trimester, right? Unbelievably, some women can spot this sign before they realize they are pregnant. Muscle cramps can be excruciating thus you need some quick relief when they come knocking. Quick fixes here…


32. Linea nigra

Special Early Signs of Pregnancy

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Linea what? Linea negra, quite a mouthful don’t you think. It is the name of the almost lateral line that we all have. Don’t ask me what it does because I have no idea. The reason it is listed here is that, in pregnancy it becomes more prominent. Once you spot it just know you are yet to be a mom!

With the 32 weird signs of pregnancy before missed period mentioned, you are much aware of what to look out for and not just a missed period. If you test positive congratulations and good luck on your mommy journey! We have more tips for new moms just like you. Keep us posted on any comment or feedback you have because we really do appreciate all our readers.


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